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The Vendome is located in historic downtown Weiser at the site of the original Vendome Hotel. Life's precious moments are celebrated within these walls and throughout the week a professional atmosphere is found with businesses utilizing the facility to plan their future dealings and conduct trainings. It is also the main office for the  Weiser Chamber of Commerce. Please visit the following website for more information.

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Official website to the city of Weiser.  Links to city departments and government office information.


The Economic Development Task Force is an ad hoc committee of the City of Weiser to promote economic development in and around Weiser. The mission of the Task Force is, "Building Relationships to Promote Economic Prosperity in the Greater Weiser Area".   visit @


Weiser is the Seat of Washington County.  Visit their website to learn more information about the county and area resources.


We think Weiser has the best schools, teachers and administrative staff in all of Idaho...but then again...we're a little biased.  Visit the Weiser School District website and learn all about our area schools.